North Korea on Sunday fired more short-range rocket launchers, according to South Korea's military. The move comes days after a failed missile launch from North Korea.

Military tension between the two sides has intensified as Kim Jong Un has tested South Korea and the West.

"This morning there was firing in North Korea which is assumed to be multiple rocket launcher shots, and our military was monitoring the related situation and maintaining a readiness posture," South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement.

After the launch on Sunday, South Korea's National Security Council held an emergency vice-ministerial meeting.

The short-range rocket launchers are not as massive as the “intercontinental ballistic missiles” that North Korea also has displayed, but they still draw a major concern.

North Korea has been unveiling that it has ahold of multiple different rocket systems over the past few years, along with an extensive amount of other military equipment.

All of the military equipment that North Korea has acquired has proven to be able to have the range to attack the South.

The South has plans for a $2.6 billion artillery interception system that is designed like a large dome, that would protect the country from any attacks.