Kim Jong-un
North Korea's new leader Kim Jong-un looking on during the memorial for late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang Reuters

North Korea has dashed all hopes that Kim Jong-un's leadership could bring about systemic foreign policy changes in the totalitarian Communist nation.

On Friday, the National Defense Commission told the world that the country's acrimonious attitude toward South Korea will be the same as it was under Kim Jong-il.

We solemnly declare with confidence that the south Korean puppets and foolish politicians around the world should not expect any change from the DPRK,” a state television newscaster said, reading a statement from the North Korean military.

The statement came as no surprise as the the country's top party officials continue to build a cult and a new regime around Kim Jong-un, the country's new head.

A daily earlier, North Korea officially named Kim Jong-un the Supreme Leader of North Korea. According to analysts, the nation's top generals and politicians not only support Kim Jong-il's heir, but want to make sure the the country stays ideologically unchanged under his rule.

Kim Jung-un is in his late 20s (his actual age is unknown) and relatively inexperienced. He was made a four-star general last year and had just begun being groomed for leadership when his father died on Dec. 17 after 17 years in power.

Kim Jong-un is now in charge of the fourth largest military in the world, as well as North Korea's nuclear weapons. North Korea has tens of thousands of troops along the border with South Korea, where they will surely remain as the nation continues its posturing.

“The South Korean puppets and world reactionaries should no longer make a fool of themselves in their bid to lead the DPRK to ‘contingency’ and make its ‘system unstable,’ something unimaginable,” North Korea said in its statement.

North Korea had particularly harsh words for South Korean president Lee Myung Bak, calling him deceitful and evil. Lee has been cold to North Korea since his election in 2008, and now North Korea has threatened a “roar of revenge.”

“The veritable sea of tears shed by the army and people of the DPRK will turn into that of retaliatory fire to burn all the group of traitors to the last one,” the statement said. “The DPRK will have no dealings with the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors forever.”