The Facebook pages of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il's oldest son and grandson exposes the dysfunctional state of affairs between the famously oppressive country's first family, showing the pair's interest in American culture while their home country professes disdain for the average American citizen, according to reports from South Korean media sources.

The Facebook pages of Kim Chol, believed to be Kim Jong Il's oldest son Kim Jong-Nam, and his 16-year-old son Kim Han-Sol, were publicized over the weekend, leading Jong-Nam to immediately delete two of his son's profiles included among his own 71 Facebook friends to presumably keep the media from accessing it, The Chosun Ilbo reports.

While North Korea has long-since declared itself the sworn enemy of the U.S. and officially scorns the American political system and culture, that position is not reflected in the web pages of Kim Jong-Il's close family members. The so-called Kim Chol continues to include a link on his Facebook page to another Web site displaying a poster of the animated film Kung Fu Panda that contains Jong-Nam's distinctive chubby face digitally altered onto it. According to media sources, Kim Chol is the pseudonym that Jong-Nam typically uses for hotel reservations in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Jong-Nam also reportedly uploaded digitally altered photos onto his Facebook page that mocks his father and the North Korean elite.

Although Jong-Nam was originally set to succeed his father, he reportedly had a falling out with Kim Jong Il during the 1990s after telling some officials that he would implement national reforms as leader. Jong-Nam was also caught trying to enter Japan on a forged Dominican passport in 2001 in order to visit Disneyland Tokyo. Since then, he had reportedly been living in exile in Beijing and Macau, a fact that has been confirmed by South Korean intelligence officers.

In 2010, North Korean officials announced that Kim Jong-Il's third and youngest son, Kim Jong-Un, is now the heir presumptive to the leadership of the nation.

Meanwhile, Jong-Nam's son Han-Sol -- who is about to enter boarding school in Bosnia-Herzegovina -- has a Facebook page full of fashionable photos that would be derided in his homeland. He appears in multiple photos with bleach-blond hair donning earrings and necklaces, according to multiple reports.

However, Han-Sol's profile indicates he may share some of his grandfather's anti-American sentiments. He reportedly engaged in an argument with a Facebook user called NickyAmerican where he expressed his disgust for universally shared American characteristics -- such as being fat, stupid and eating cheeseburgers.

F--- off fatty, go drop your cigarette and your cheeseburger and go read a book. I'd suggest you to go study some geography, Han-Sol wrote.

Still, it isn't all looking bad. The teen posted a survey on his profile asking his friends if they preferred democracy or communism, adding that he himself prefers democracy.

That comment, as more than one media outlet has pointed out, would land him in a labor camp in North Korea.