Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is hailing the conclusion of nuclear talks between Iran and world powers as “turning a page” in the nation’s history. He said Wednesday the West had a negative view of Iran but that image as a “threat to the peace and stability” of the Middle East has now changed.

“The deal is a legal, technical and political victory for Iran,” Al Jazeera quoted Rouhani. “It's an achievement that Iran won't be called a world threat any more.”

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif earlier said the nuclear issue was a “manufactured crisis,” state-run Press TV reported. He said the negotiations' conclusion had ended the problem.

Zarif criticized people like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who had “picked up a fuss” after Iran had managed to secure the nuclear deal. The Iranian foreign minister spoke to journalists in Tehran's Mehrabad Airport.

As the deal has been secured, the United Nations, the European Union and the United States will now lift sanctions against Iran. According to Rouhani, the compromises made during the negotiations were necessary. He said there were times when securing the deal seemed impossible, but Iran could be proud of the deal for “generations to come.”

Thousands of Iranians celebrated the conclusion of the deal by waving national flags from cars. The driver honked car horns as they enjoyed the end of Ramadan fast Tuesday.