The New York Jets have been very successful with their recent first-round draft picks.

With the exception of the disappointing Vernon Gholston in 2008, the Jets' last eight first round picks evolved into either Pro Bowl selections or key contributors. (It's still too soon to judge the wisdom of 2010 first rounder Kyle Wilson, but the cornerback has shown signs of promise.)

This year, there are some quality players that the Jets can land with the 30th pick, should they decide to not trade the pick.

Drafting on talent over need is the best way to go about drafting, though there will be more of a focus on defense.

The Jets need a pass rusher and a defensive tackle to replace Kris Jenkins, and perhaps a wide receiver should Braylon Edwards or Santonio Holmes leave.

Here are three possibilities for the Jets' first round pick:

Brooks Reed, DE, Arizona. Reed could be playing outside linebacker, as he's tried each position. He's known for being an intense competitor, and seems like a prototype Rex Ryan player.

Marvin Austin, DT, North Carolina. Austin has been labeled a bit of a wild card because of past attitude problems, but he's huge (310 pounds) and very athletic and agile

Phil Taylor, DT, Baylor. Talk about big defensive lineman, Taylor is among the biggest. At 335 pounds, Taylor could make an impact immediately, though there are injury concerns with his feet.

Akeem Ayers, LB, UCLA. Smart, fast, and very athletic, this might be the safest pick for the Jets.