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Donald Trump Reuters

David Plouffe, one of President Barack Obama’s closest advisors, said Sunday that potential 2012 presidential candidate Donald Trump has ‘no chance’ of being elected to office.

I saw Donald Trump kind of rising in some polls and given his behavior and spectacle the last couple of weeks, I hope he keeps on rising, Plouffe said on ABC’s ‘This Week.’

Despite the polls, chances were non-existent, he said.

“There is zero chance that Donald Trump would ever be hired by the American people to do this job.

Plouffe, who served as Obama’s 2008 campaign manager, addressed Trump’s views in recent interviews that question Obama’s citizenship, saying something was amiss about his birth certificate. Hawaii’s government has declared that Obama was born in the state.

Plouffe dismissed Trump’s views as a “sideshow.”

“There may be a small part of the country that believes these things, but mainstream Americans think it's a sideshow, he said.

He said Americans were more interested in the economy, security and the future.
“And what they want our leaders to do is focus squarely on the issues right in front of us: how we’re going to keep growing the economy…how we keep our people safe, how do we make sure we’re going to win the future by focusing on things like education and innovation? So that’s what they want us to focus on.”

Of Trump, he added:

“That’s not leadership, that’s, kind of, sideshow behavior.”