Reggie Brown, a Barack Obama impersonator made an appearance at the Republican National Leadership Conference in New Orleans on Saturday.

Brown joked about Tea Party birthers, Black History month, and the Kardashians.

Below are a few of the jokes he told.

I love vacations. A few months back, the family and I took a nice, relaxing vacation in the state of my birth. Hawaii. Or as the Tea Party are still calling it, Kenya.

My favorite month is February. Black history month. You see, Michelle, she celebrates the full month and, you know, I celebrate half.

My father is a black man from Kenya and my mother was a white woman from Kansas. So yes, my mother loved a black man and no she was not a Kardashian.

It's unfortunate that Tim Pawlenty couldn't make it here but cut him some slack. He's having his foot surgically removed from his mouth, he said as the audience groaned. Oh no, don't worry. Luckily for him it's covered under Obamneycare. Yeah. That along with spinal transplants.