President Barack Obama has proposed to his counterparts a new Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas to promote renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

During his opening speech at the Fifth Summit of The Americas on Friday, Obama said that in the partnership each country will bring its own resources and needs, adding that nations will be able to promote efficiency, improve their infrastructure, share technology and support investments in renewable sources of energy. The partnership will also help the nations to maximize their strengths, Obama added.

Our hemisphere is blessed with bountiful resources, and we are all endangered by climate change, said Obama yesterday at the summit held in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Now, we must come together to find new ways to produce and use energy so that we can create jobs and protect our planet.

A day earlier during his visit to Mexico City, Obama and President Felipe Calderon agreed on the US-Mexico Bilateral Framework on Clean Energy and Climate Change to promote clean energy and lower carbon output.