President Barack Obama said Wednesday the United States should explore more clean energy like wind and solar and less on oil.

The president promoted his alternative energy plan on an Earth Day visit to the central state of Iowa. He said the U.S. should be the world's leading exporter of clean energy instead of being the leading importer of oil.

It is time for us to lay a new foundation for economic growth on this Earth Day by beginning a new ear of energy exploration in America, Obama said.

The president also said his energy policy will eventually create millions of jobs in producing clean energy.

Next week, there will be a forum on energy and climate in Washington, Obama said he will meet with representatives of the world's major economies to discuss ways to solve the energy crisis.

The United States has been slow to participate in this kind of a process, but those days are over now, we are ready to engage and work with other countries in tackling this challenge together. said Obama.