UPDATED 1:29 p.m.

The Oakland Police Department issued the following statement to the International Business Times via e-mail:

The Oakland Police Departments policy requires officers to have badge and name tag worn on the out side of the uniform and visible. Additionally we have identifiable numbers on our helmets. We can not speak to other law enforcement agencies policy's or practices


Videos posted online are showing evidence that police have been covering their nameplates or badges at the Occupy Oakland protests.

The videos, posted below, show two different police officers either not wearing their name badges or having them covered up with tape.

In one video, a Berkley police office continuously asks the person filming to move off the street and to a specific street corner where she is allowed to stand.

In the other, the person filming complains about the officer with his name covered to another officer who he calls a Lieutenant, and addresses as Mr. Wong. This man walks over to his fellow officer and removes the tape.

E-mails to Occupy Oakland and the Oakland Police Department were not immediately returned.