Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street protesters singing in the rain on Tuesday. IBTimes.com

10. “Hard to believe, but Michael Moore is actually even fatter in person!”

9. “I sure hope this demonstration doesn’t last too long – I need to run over to the Apple store and get the new iPhone 5 Smartphone and immediately replace my perfectly operational iPhone 4.”

8. “Nice to know that filthy rich multi-millionaire celebrities like Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore really hate wealthy people.”

7. “Hmmm, I wonder if Michael Moore got the idea for yet another one of his wildly entertaining documentaries and another best-selling book?”

6. “Hey, this kinda reminds of the Vietnam War protests from back in ’71 – ‘cept back then I had all my hair, weighted 50 pounds less and was stoned outta my gourd!”

5. “Hey, officer, let’s have some of that pepper spray my way! I wanna get my face in the paper!”

4. “I bet Lloyd Blankfein, Brian Moynihan, Jamie Dimon and Vikram Pandit are really shaking in their boots at the very sight of us!”

3. “Anybody know how the Phillies did last night?”

2. “Me? Oh, I’m an activist, artist, musician and filmmaker… on weekends, I serve coffee at Starbucks? May I interest you in a Starbucks discount coupon?”

1, “Like, uh, what exactly are we here to protest again?”