Marching bands have always played a huge role in the college football experience, but The Ohio State University’s outfit seems to outdo itself on a weekly basis.

The Ohio State Marching Band, which wowed fans at “The Horseshoe” last week by reenacting Michael Jackson’s classic moonwalk, had a few new tricks up its sleeve during the Buckeyes’ 63-14 victory over the Penn State Nittany Lions. The musical outfit turned out an eight minute long, Hollywood-themed performance on Saturday.

The Hollywood-themed performance featured references to several blockbuster films, drawing massive cheers from the raucous Ohio State University crowd. The marching band wove its musical numbers and movements into a seamless presentation—for example, when the band played the theme song from “Harry Potter,” its members swarmed together to form the figure of a wizard on a broomstick, chasing after the “golden snitch” from the popular book and movie series.

“Harry Potter” wasn’t the only Hollywood classic to receive a tribute from the Ohio State marching band. The student performers also paid homage to “Superman,” “The Lord Of The Rings,” and “Pirates Of The Caribbean.”

But the coup de grace occurred near the end of the eight-minute performance. The Ohio State marching band played the theme song by “Jurassic Park” while morphing into the shape a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. The “T-Rex” even “ate” a member of the band.

The Ohio State marching band’s Hollywood tribute is already a huge hit on the Internet. Since its debut on Saturday, the video of the performance has garnered nearly 2.5 million views on YouTube. The video of the marching band’s latest viral stunt can be viewed below.