As nations relax their COVID-19 protocols amid the spread of the Omicron subvariant known as BA.2, infections are surging across Europe once again, according to sources.

According to data from The New York Times, China’s COVID cases are rising immensely, as the daily average has increased to nearly 1,600 on March 13 from 117 a month prior. CNN reports that nearly 40 million people throughout five cities are undergoing some form of lockdown.

Government data from the U.K. show that infections are on the rise, as the seven-day average has increased to nearly 65,000 from 55,000 the previous month. Infections in Italy, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland are also increasing.

NBC News reports that although the U.S. is seeing a decline in cases, it potentially could follow the same fate as European countries. University of Warwick virologist Lawrence Young said the nation “certainly needs to take note and consider the impact of yet another more transmissible variant."

The World Health Organization said earlier this month that the pandemic “will not be over anywhere until it's over everywhere," and is closely monitoring BA.2.