Enterprise software company Oracle is expected to buy medical records company Cerner for $28.3 billion, coming out to $95 per share. The company has decades of experience building technology for hospitals and clinics.

The deal is expected to close in 2022 after companies such as Amazon, Apple and Google were rumored to express interest in purchasing the company.

“A lot of folks speculated on different buyers. I don’t know that I heard Oracle’s name come up, but it makes some sense for Oracle to look at Cerner,” Nathan Mauck, an associate professor of finance at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, told the Kansas City Star.

If the deal is completed it will be the largest in Oracle’s history and one of the largest mergers of the year.

“Obviously, it’s a huge deal. Cerner’s gotten so big it takes somebody really big to buy them,” Mauck added.

The deal could boost Oracle’s influence in healthcare by bringing health data to cloud services.

Oracle expects Cerner to be “a huge additional revenue growth engine for years to come,” Mauck said.