Orionid Meteor Shower
Thanks to Haley's Comet, the Orionid Meteor Shower 2011 is coming next week. Viewing should be good, too, under a slender moon. wikipedia

This year, the Orionid meteor shower will be peaking before dawn Friday dawn and should continue through Saturday.

Every year, the shower happens in October when the Earth passes through the trail of Halley's Comet. Sky experts say the best viewing locations are away from any street lights and in the most wide open spaces.

First, find the Orion constellation to locate the showers. Viewers should be able to see three stars in a row on Orion's belt. Sky watchers are saying this year has not been the best for meteor shower viewings in general, and this sighting might be just as disappointing. Because of the moon and light pollution, those outside cities may have better luck at an enjoyable experience.

The weekend weather may be seeing more clouds, but as soon as they clear up closer to Saturday dawn, the showers will be most visible.