Less than 24 hours after President Obama’s announcement of the Al Qaeda leader’s death, Google had marked down his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan on their maps and thousands have since written ‘reviews’ for what Google named “Osama Bin Laden’s Hideout Compound.”

Here are some of the ‘reviews’ posted by internet users on Bin Laden’s million dollar compound where he was in hiding for the last five to six years until Sunday, when he was killed.

Joric: 'Nice little B&B if you want the rustic life and be completely off-the-grid, in complete privacy. No wifi, no internet, no phone. Oddly, there are computers but their missing hard drives. They do have personalized courier service so maybe they should have just offered typewriters in the rooms instead.'

Starfish: 'No wifi connection but excellent personalized courier, very helpful.'

Sully: 'PROS - good person to person courier service, excellent views of the hillside. CONS - Poor Security, Neighbors do not mind their own business.'

James_Bond: 'Pakistani Hospitality at its BEST! Having lived on the run throughout my life, nothing says “Criminal safe Haven” like Pakistan. I quickly made friends with the local friends with the local authorities and only had to pay them off in weekly installments. Careful though, if you miss a payment, they claim they will kill you with six marine mammals, like walruses or seals or something.'

Jim: ‘Avoid the Kebabs. And don’t get your hopes up for a mint on the pillow, it’s no Holiday Inn.’

Ken: ‘Location, location, location. It’s close to everything, only drawback was that there was no telephone or internet. Highly recommend this place if you want to “get away from it all”, meet the locals or just sit back and enjoy the scenery. It’s got 18 foot walls, so privacy is almost guaranteed, almost…’

Man in NZ: 'The front-desk courier service was exceptional at this location, he proved to be a wealth of information on the local surrounds.'

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