Crossings from Russia at the Vaalimaa border station in Finland


  • A Russian Federal Security Service database showed that 1,025,703 people have been banned from leaving Russia
  • Border guards use the list when checking citizens departing from the country
  • Those included in the database may receive a military summons

More than a million people have been banned from leaving Russia following the declaration of troop mobilization nearly a month ago, according to reports.

A database of Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) showed that 1,025,703 people have been prohibited from leaving the country, Astra reported, citing unnamed sources.

People included in the database, which is used by border guards when checking departing citizens, will not be mobilized necessarily, one source explained.

However, anyone on the list may receive a summons from the military registration and enlistment office, the outlet said in a report.

About 400,000 people were allegedly added to the FSB's database a few days after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced mobilization on Sept. 21.

The initiative, the first of its kind in Russia since the Second World War, sought to call in 300,000 reservists, according to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Russia may be planning to conscript up to 1.2 million people, Russian opposition media outlet Meduza reported, citing an unnamed source close to one of Russia's federal ministries.

Russian media claimed that up to 700,000 Russians fled their country following Putin's mobilization announcement, but presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov conceded he did not have an exact figure of how many people have left.

"I don't think those numbers should be taken seriously. I don't have exact figures, but of course, they are far from what's being claimed there," Peskov was quoted as saying in a report by The Independent.

The FSB revealed that 261,000 men left Russia after the declaration of troop mobilization, Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta previously reported, citing an unnamed source in Russia's Presidential Administration.

Russia has already drafted more than 220,000 troops, and its mobilization efforts may soon be finished, Putin said Friday during a press conference in Astana, Kazakhstan.

"There are now 222,000 people mobilized in the troop formations, out of 300,000. I think that within about two weeks all mobilization activities will be completed," the Russian head of state said.

Putin also claimed that "nothing further is being planned... within the foreseeable future," Politico reported.

Russia's Ministry of Defence did not request for more troops, according to the outlet.

Putin Announces Partial Mobilization Of Roughly 300,000 In Russian Reserve
Putin Announces Partial Mobilization Of Roughly 300,000 In Russian Reserve