More than 51 per cent people in Pakistan are “grieved” by Osama bin Laden’s death according to a latest poll.

The polls, conducted by Gallup Pakistan between May 7 and May 10 and released by the Gilani Foundation, showed a majority of Pakistanis are aggrieved by Osama’s death while one-third remained unconcerned. The poll was conducted less than a week after bin Laden was killed by US troops in his Abbottabad compound on May 2.

Eleven per cent, however, showed their satisfaction over the death of the former Al Qaeda chief. Nearly 44 per cent considered Osama a fallen hero while another 28 per cent said he was killed because he was declared an outlaw.

Another reading said about 30 per cent believed the death of bin Laden will make the Americans withdraw their troops from Afghanistan and 14 per cent lived in hope that the rate of terrorist activities might come down with Osama’s death.

Gallup Pakistan, the Pakistani partner of Gallup International, covered about 2,530 men and women from both rural and urban regions.