• A nanny-spying app will be launched in January 2020
  • It will keep track of nannies and will allow others to report to parents of any misbehavior
  • Opinions vary whether the app is an invasion of privacy 

A controversial app is bound to launch next week. However, parents may find this app very helpful to keep them less “paranoid” when it comes to their nannies' behavior.

Nanny-Spying App

Stroller Patrol is an app made by Diana Toyberman, a Manhattan mom. The app will allow parents to track their nannies. Both the nanny and the parent will sign up for the app. Nannies would then upload photos to the platform.

After nannies upload their photos, their faces would then pop up in the app. Anybody who uses the Stroller Patrol app will then be able to identify the nanny within a 300-foot radius. The moment a nanny would be seen by other Stroller Patrol users as misbehaving or has become abusive, or perhaps, neglect her ward, other users will be able to inform the parent as they would be able to send a message to the parent directly.

nanny spying app stroller patrol
nanny spying app stroller patrol Mabel Amber - Pixabay

The action of the employer or the parent of the child after a report is no longer controlled by the app. It would be up to the parent now to determine the manner of discipline that would be imposed on the misbehaving nanny.

The app makes use of location-tracking technology and would surely help keep nannies be on guard and be more careful with their actions. The only downside to this perhaps is that no one would be able to see their nannies at home, or when there are no other people around. At this juncture, a CCTV will be most useful.

Varied Opinions

While there are those who laud the app, there are others who think that it’s an invasion of the privacy of the nanny. According to NYPost, the app’s owner thinks that since communication between the concerned individual and the parent of the child is private, the nanny is freed from being publicly shamed.

Recently, a growing number of nanny-shaming posts put a lot of nannies at a very disconcerting position. Photos and videos of these presumed failures of nannies would pop up at various moms’ groups in NYC.

With the Stroller Patrol app, it may be easier for concerned parents to watch presumed erring nannies. There would also be lesser instances of nanny-shaming on social media.