French riot police secure the area as shots are exchanged in Saint-Denis, France, near Paris, Nov. 18, 2015 during an operation to catch fugitives from Friday night's deadly attacks in the French capital. Reuters/Christian Hartmann

UPDATE: 2:59 a.m. EST -- A French police officer told the Associated Press that four officers have been injured in the raids conducted early Wednesday, targeting Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged mastermind of Friday’s attacks in Paris. Abaaoud was thought to be holed up in an apartment in the area, with up to five other heavily armed people.

No hostages were being held and at least three people were reported dead. Two of those killed were suspects in the apartment, including a female suicide bomber who blew herself up during the raid. The third was said to be a passerby. Reports claimed that another person in the apartment was also killed.

Five people have been arrested so far in the raid, Reuters reported, citing the Paris prosecutor’s office. According to iTele, a French news network, the owner of the apartment where the suspects were hiding, was among those arrested. The iTele report added that it was not clear if any of the men were absconding.

UPDATE: 2:07 a.m. EST -- At least three people were reportedly killed in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis during police raids targeting Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged mastermind of Friday's attacks in the French capital. He was initially thought to be in Syria.

According to a report local French network iTele, one of those killed was a female suicide bomber, who blew herself up. The report also added that another terrorist, who was holed up in an apartment, was “neutralized.”

RMV, the French radio arm for CNN affiliate BFMTV, reported, citing a witness, that there were at least 15 explosions in the area of the ongoing raid.

At least three police officers were injured in the gunfire and three military trucks are now present on the site, the Guardian reported, citing local news reports. Two people were also arrested. Residents in the area were asked to stay inside their homes, and away from windows.

UPDATE: 12:28 a.m. EST -- The target of the raid in Saint-Denis on Wednesday was Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who is allegedly the mastermind of Friday’s Paris attacks, RMV, the French radio arm for CNN affiliate BFMTV, reported.

At least one police officer was injured in the gunfire, the Guardian reported.

UPDATE: 12:13 a.m. EST -- Local French news network iTele reported that at least two men were holed up in an apartment in the area where police conducted raids Wednesday. The news network also said that armed men were seen fleeing the area after the gunfire, which paused for a brief moment. A helicopter was also present at the site and arrests were reportedly made.

Residents in Saint-Denis have been told to stay inside their houses as reports suggested gunfire and possible explosions, according to the Guardian.

Original story:

A fresh exchange of gunfire occurred in the Saint-Denis suburb of Paris early Wednesday, according to local French reports and witnesses. A report by CNN said that police officers involved in the shooting may have been shot or injured in a raid to find one of the suspects linked to Friday's Paris terror attacks.

The shootout came just days after the city witnessed attacks that left at least 129 dead and many more injured across the city. According to a report by the Guardian, which cited local reports, several police officers were injured in the gunfire early Wednesday.

Roads in the area were cordoned off as the police operation in the area was ongoing. Several police officers and their vehicles were present in the area, the Guardian reported.