• Angel Di Maria was snubbed from Argentina's national team roster
  • The 32-year-old has been a key player for Paris Saint-Germain since 2015
  • Di Maria voiced his disappointment over not being selected to represent his country

Right-winger Angel Di Maria was snubbed from being selected to Argentina's national team. The 32-year-old star voiced his disappointment over the decision to exclude him from the World Cup qualifiers.

"I can't find an explanation, I have no words. Argentina's national team is the most important for me," Di Maria said, as reported by Goal.

Throughout Di Maria’s career, he’s served as a reliable player on the field. In his stay with Paris Saint-Germain, he’s appeared in 224 games, netted 82 goals and tallied 93 assists.

"If I work my ass off at PSG it is to have a chance in the national team and be able to compete. It's difficult to understand that being in a good moment I am not called,” he continued.

Since 2015, Di Maria has served PSG as one of the key pieces in their lineup. The veteran emphasized that he will continue playing at a high level and would still want to serve his country.

"If I'm not called it's because they don't want to call me. I'll keep fighting to be in Argentina's national team,” the former Champions League winner added.

Despite being older than the up-and-coming stars of the sport, Di Maria stressed that he can still compete on top of his game.

"Am I old at 32? Many people say that I am already old, but I am 32 and I keep running in the same way, in every game I show that I'm not old, and I can be at the level of Neymar and [Kylian] Mbappe," Di Maria said.

The former footballer of the year for Argentina took to social media to address his fans on his take on the national team situation.

“Whatever happens I will never lower my arms, I never did, less now," Di Maria wrote.

"I always fought and I fight for my goals and my dreams, now more than ever with my head held high to continue, continue and continue,” the former La Liga champion concluded.

Angel Di Maria in action for PSG against Leipzig
Angel Di Maria in action for PSG against Leipzig POOL / Manu Fernandez