• Angel Di Maria has been linked as a possible signing for Barcelona
  • The potential signing for Barcelona was met with disagreement from Lionel Messi
  • Messi remains to be one of the biggest influential stars in the football world

It’s critical that the board in every club understands the needs of its top players in terms of making pivotal offseason signings. A recent report speculating that Angel Di Maria is linked to Barca is met with a hint of disagreement from Lionel Messi.

There’s no question that Di Maria has already made a name for himself in the sport. That was why Messi was interested in his services three years ago. But times have changed since then and the now 32-year-old isn’t as suitable for the team as he was when Messi was requesting for him in the club.

Throughout the past few years, Di Maria has shown flashes of brilliance on the field with the way he would produce for his team. In his stint with PSG, Di Maria has made a total of 217 appearances and scored 80 goals. To add to this he has also tallied 90 assists during his stint with the French football club as a viable player in the midfield and wings.

But per Everything Barca, Messi doesn't see much value now to put his fellow Argentine in the team’s roster. Signing Di Maria at this point in his career may serve as an additional risk for the club as they should have done this during his peak. The learning curve and the adjustment period in a new club for someone in the latter stages of playing may not translate as well as supposed to when they were younger.

This shows the heavy influence that Messi has given how he was able to put off such a major signing. Not only does it speak of Messi’s greatness, but his overall vision for Barcelona. The veteran understands how the game works and knows just the right pieces that will help him in succeeding years.

It has been a stellar career for Messi given that he’s lauded as one of the best individual players the sport has ever seen. The record-breaking six Ballon d’Or shows the brilliance he has as an athlete and a football professional.

The next few months will be interesting to monitor given how the teams are slowly bouncing back provided the current situation. Expect the greats such as Messi to keep playing hard for their club to reach success.

Lionel Messi is La Liga's leading scorer this season with 19 goals
Lionel Messi is La Liga's leading scorer this season with 19 goals AFP / LLUIS GENE