Policemen break a door to enter a church in Saint-Denis, France, Nov. 18, 2015, to secure the area after special forces raided an apartment for suspects allegedly connected to the Paris attacks. Getty Images

Three people allegedly linked to the November terror attacks in Paris were arrested Tuesday in Uccle, Belgium, within hours of prosecutors' charging two separate suspects in connection with last month's bombings in Brussels.

The trio of unidentified suspects were questioned after being detained at a street stall. A hearing was set for Wednesday to decide whether they will be released. "The whole street is closed by special brigades," a witness told RTL during the raid. "They are armed with machine guns and targeting an apartment window."

The people arrested were accused of being involved in the Paris attacks, during which suicide bombers and shooters killed 130 people. The Islamic State group later took responsibility for the assault, which authorities have suggested was organized by the same cell of people who murdered 32 in Brussels last month, the Associated Press reported. The terrorist organization, aka ISIS, also claimed to have carried out that attack.

Prosecutors announced Tuesday a judge charged two men in connection with the March 22 massacre in Brussels. The suspects, publicly named only as Smail F. and Ibrahim F., were accused of participating in a terrorist group and committing terrorist killings, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Belgian media have been referring to the men as brothers, with Smail F. supposedly renting an apartment in Etterbeek and Ibrahim F. allegedly removing weapons before law enforcement arrived, BBC News reported. Police raided the residence last week but found nothing suspicious.

Investigators said in a statement Tuesday their investigation was "continuing actively, day and night." Their announcement comes days after they revealed the group in Brussels likely had been planning another attack in Paris when they got spooked and "urgently took the decision to strike in Brussels," Expatica reported prosecutors as saying.

Also this past weekend, authorities arrested Mohamed Abrini, who entered the Brussels airport before the attacks with suicide bombers Ibrahim el-Bakraoui and Najim Laachraoui, according to Deutsche Welle. They also detained Osama Krayem, who they said may have been with Khalid El Bakraoui when he targeted the Brussels train station, CNN reported.