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Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney may have to watch his behind if elected president after it was revealed his vice presidential choice, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., was voted biggest brown-noser in high school.

Ryan, 42, a native of Janesville, Wis., a city of some 60,000, where he's lived his entire life, attended Joseph A. Craig High School. A 1988 senior survey published in the school's yearbook, which can be viewed here, showed Ryan was voted biggest brown-noser among his peers.

Ryan comes from a prominent family in Janesville, and his cousin, Adam Ryan, also made it in the yearbook as most likely to succeed.

It turns out the 1988 senior class at Craig got that one wrong, as Ryan was named as Romney's vice presidential choice over the weekend, becoming the first Wisconsinite to appear on a major party ticket.

Ryan is one of the most visible members of the House of Representatives and is known nationwide for his controversial Ryan Budget, which would eliminate budget loopholes while bringing tax rates down.

Critics of the proposal say the budget plan is harsh on the country's poor.

Ryan last month explained his plan to Fox News.

Get our spending under control, balance our budget, prevent the debt from getting out of control and reform the Tax Code to create jobs and growth from this economy and get people back to work, he said. Economic growth, and spending control and entitlement reforms are the key recipe of what we are trying to do to prevent this debt crisis from happening. And we think the next president and the next Congress will basically decide how this all goes.

After it was learned that Ryan was voted biggest brown-noser, a Wikipedia edit war emerged among those who thought the fact was relevant while others said it was unnecessary to add to the congressman's Wikipedia entry.

As of 11 a.m., the biggest brown-noser label is not on the page.

The Atlantic noted that the attention Ryan's moniker is getting will increase the visibility of the page.

Now that Ryan's confirmed [as Romney's running mate,] a flurry of such Wikipedia edits is to be expected as campaign operatives both professional and amateur try to define Paul Ryan through their preferred prisms, wrote staff writer Megan Garber. But today! Today is the glory day for the Paul Ryan Wikipedia page. It'll get tons of attention. It'll be totally popular. It'll be, in its way, prom king.