The pay per head concept is not a new one, in fact, the concept has been around in one form or another for the better part of 25-years. Not until recently has the industry taken over the online gaming scene. Some 25 plus years ago, the concept was born out of frustration from former gamblers that had switched hats and become bookies themselves. What they found was disorder and complete chaos concerning keeping any kind of budget together or following any kind of real business plan. Fortunately, this group of bookies that jumped out on their own and decided to give this bookie concept a go had one common denominator between them; they desired to earn a fantastic income from bookmaking profits.

What was born from a group of disenfranchised bookies more than 25-years ago as a simple concept, has become the principal way in which bookies operate an online sportsbook, casino, and racebook? The bookies were level-headed, and sharp thinking individuals with relatively no experience as bookies and certainly no experience as software creators.

The bookies knew they wanted something different and some kind of computer program that would help them operate the day-to-day functions of a sportsbook. They also realized the importance of an online presence. These folks were a generation ahead of their time, however, they had no real idea of how to put their concept to practical use. They knew they had a great idea and they wanted to appeal to the masses with a user-friendly program that would act as a bookie manager. The greatest conundrum at the time was how to make this concept work. What could they do to make their lives easier?

The bookies knew what they wanted but they had no idea how to get there and none of them possessed the skills to come close to their dreams. They did what smart business people do – they hired experts, they hired people smarter people than they were to come up with a working plan that would put their ideas into motion. They hired programmers.

The programmers listened to the concept and listened to the bookie's requests and needs. They went to work forging a plan that would lead to what we now know as the pay per head. What the programmers did was invent software that is designed to make the life of a bookie easier than ever before as well as make the bettors want to bet with a bookie that offered the pay per head options.

Bookies realize how their bread is buttered, they know they need to keep their clients engaged and happy to be playing with them. The minute a client becomes bored, they tend to shop around. The competition is everywhere and with the click of a mouse, the betting client can have a deposit in with another online bookie and be wagering on his favorite sport within 5-minutes flat.

The world of online bookmaking has come a long way over the last few years and most bookies that are successful on any level are operating under the blanket of a pay per head.

Bookies love pay per heads for two simple reasons: I. The Pay per head does all of the work beyond recruiting players. 2. The service is inexpensive.

● A great pay per head provider charges around $10 per head, per week-for the use of their services. The bookie pays the weekly fee if their client plays at least one bet per week.

The best pay per head providers have perfected what they offer and now present their services as a turnkey operation. When the bookie signs-up, they are getting an online sportsbook, a racebook, and an online casino, all-in-one.

● The bookie simply makes the call and places the order. The process is as simple as it sounds.

● When a bookie is interested in doing business with a pay per head, all that needs to take place is a simple phone call. The bookie calls the PPH provider and speaks to them about a custom website.

Why an online presence is vital to a bookies success—

The online phenomenon took off in the late ’80s and while it was an instant hit, doing business with a pay per head was expensive, (around $25 per head). Local bookies found this kind of price to be unaffordable and out of reach. All bookies are different, some have a handful of clients and others have upwards of several hundred, in turn, pricing works both ways.

What studies have shown is the old concept “build it and they will come” is indeed true and has never been truer in any time period than now.

The “big box” online bookies discovered this concept in the late ’80s and have built on this platform for the last 30-years. When the online craze hit, bookies found they couldn’t afford the pay per head and many of them struck out on their own in the pursuit of building and maintaining a great website that was user-friendly and one that met the gaming needs of their clients.

What they discovered, was nothing more than DIFFICULT. Maintaining a fantastic website that caters to gamers and one that offers all of the daily sports options along with lines and odds – this is a difficult task. Most folks are simply not web designers, nor do they possess the skills necessary to operate a sophisticated sports gaming website and casino.

Bookies discovered they were losing business and in large quantities. Any bookie that is not online with his business is losing revenue. They were and are, losing business to the “big boys” of the online world. We live in a time when everything is a “click” away. You may have a client that loves you, they love what you do, and they love betting on your website, guess what? That client can click the mouse, sign-up with a completely foreign bookmaker, make a deposit, and be gambling within 5-10 minutes, it’s that simple, quick, and easy.

You must be online if you care about retaining your client base, and you must retain your client base if you care about growth. Build it, and it will grow. This is a moniker that can be lived by. Your clients want to be online because they want to gamble on their time, not yours.

You are a busy individual as is your client and they have no time to chase you down all day long or all hours of the night. What they hope for is to make a deposit with you and then it’s off to the gambling races and you are required to do nothing. Your client can log in to his betting account from anywhere and bet at any time and it matters not where you are or what you happen to be doing.

A Bookies job is not easy—

Most folks have the idea that a bookie leads the “life of Riley”, they walk around with a stack of hundreds in their pocket and have three Cadillac’s parked outside. That’s Hollywood, and nothing more. Bookies are pressed upon to be all things to all people, all of the time.

Clients do not care when their bookie sleeps, they certainly don’t care about the bookie's personal life and as we said before, they will leave for another bookmaker at the drop of a hat. The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence for gamblers.

Bookies must combat this trend and there is only one way to do it, and that’s by offering a top-notch product, and white-label premium service.

Pay per head services offer it all—

● The PPH provider offers a white label, turnkey service that’s automated. The PPH is sophisticated software that has been programmed to offer the daily sporting events along with the daily lines and odds, which includes a Las Vegas-style casino, along with a world-class racebook.

● Most bookies do not consider themselves to be line movers or oddsmakers, they would rather hire this out or find someone that has the proper experience necessary to accomplish this task on a daily basis.

● Setting the lines and odds is not easy whatsoever, think of how many sporting events go on every day! The PPH takes care of this task daily.

● The PPH also takes care of balancing the budget. Whatever your bankroll may be, the software balances the monies in, and the monies out so that at the end of each day you know exactly where you stand.

● The PPH takes care of all customer service issues and even offers “phone-in” betting. You will have access to a toll-free number from the United States, as well as your clients.

The best PPH providers on the internet are safe and secure and they are never compromised. They guarantee a 99% “up-time” and best of all, you can own it now for free. Ask for a 4-week free trial and start earning a six-figure income.