The authorities in Peru are evacuating people living near the Ubinas volcano, in the south of the country, due to increased volcanic activity, the BBC reported.

Agriculture Minister Juan Benites said it will take three days beginning Thursday to move 4,000 residents of two southern districts and their 30,000 sheep, cows, horses, burros and other animals, according to the Andina state news agency,

Ubinas, which is Peru's most active volcano, recently started spewing ash clouds up to 4 kilometers (2 miles) high, the BBC noted.

Peru's health ministry says about 40 people have complained of eye inflammation and stomach problems from ash that has been falling from Ubinas since March 29, the Associated Press reported.

In 2006, an eruption of cinder and toxic gases killed livestock and forced a similar evacuation, and other eruptions have occurred between that year and 2009. Last week, Peru's government declared a state of emergency in the provinces nearest to the volcano in order to help people who are most-affected.

The BBC noted that the 5,672-meter (18,609-foot) volcano is located about 100 kilometers east of Arequipa, Peru's second-most populous city.