The picture of Australian paramedics fulfilling a Queensland woman's dying wish to see the beach one last time went viral Thursday, prompting emotional responses on social media.

The terminally ill patient, who was not named, was being transported to the palliative care unit of the local hospital when she told them she wished she could see the beach one more time instead.

Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) then fulfilled her wish by taking her to the Queensland's Hervey Bay, north of the Sunshine Coast and the picture of her sitting near the ocean on a wheelchair was posted on the ambulance service’s Facebook page where it went viral. The post was shared more than 18,000 times at the time of publishing this article.

“This story told to us by Helen Donaldson the Officer in charge of Hervey Bay is too good not to share,” the caption read, adding “Sometimes it is not the drugs/training/skills – sometimes all you need is empathy to make a difference!”

According to, the moment was captured by paramedic Danielle Kellan and Graeme Cooper, the other paramedic transporting the patient, was seen standing alongside the wheelchair.

"It was basically going to be her last journey back to her house where she was basically going to pass away," Cooper told ABC News.

"She said she loved the esplanade and the beach and we said, 'Well, do you want us to take you down by the Esplanade and pop you out of the truck and give you a look at the ocean?'” Cooper added: She was just ecstatic." also quoted him as saying: “We popped her up on the hill where she could see the pier and Fraser Island and right through to Point Burrum and she was ecstatic with it all.”

“I thought if all these rocks weren’t here I’d get down into my jocks and take you into the ocean ... and I would have ... however, I thought the next best thing was I can get some ocean and bring it to her. She actually tasted the salt water.”

"I can't describe the feeling when you're in the situations with people," he further said. "It's just very humbling to have these experiences."

Kellan said it was a privilege to accommodate such a request: "I said to the patient, 'what are you thinking?' She was looking out towards Fraser Island and she said, 'I'm at peace, everything's right.'"

In the comments section underneath the post, few other paramedics talked about their own similar experiences. One such comment read: "Years ago a fellow crew member and I had a situation where the patient was taking her last ride home.

"She asked to see the beach one last time. After going the beach and opening the rear door, we asked her if would like an ice cream, to which she replied 'yes' with a giggle of delight. A short time later the hardly licked ice cream fell to the floor. The patient had passed away. As she lay there still smiling at the last view that she ever saw, we had a minutes silence for her. Although the memory is an old one, it is still vivid. Great work by this crew, well-done guys and girls."