A Sydney woman bought chicken from a KFC outlet in Parramatta, Sydney’s west, Friday and was shocked to find something that looked like brain in the chicken.

Sarah Palmer then posted the picture on FaceBook , describing it as something that looks like a brain, seems to be falling out of the half-eaten chicken.

“Hi KFC, I’m a fan of KFC chicken, don’t get me wrong. I love nugs just as much as the next person but today, upon purchasing what I had hoped would be some finger lickin’ good chicken from KFC Parramatta, I was horrified to find what looks like … brains,” she wrote.

“This is not a typo, yep I mean brains, buried under your delicious secret herbs and spices. Imagine my horror, nausea and disappointment. I wish this didn’t affect me as much as it does but this has put a real strain on my relationship with KFC,” she added.

A KFC customer executive immediately looked into the matter and said, “Hi Sarah, thanks for the message. I believe this is more likely a piece of kidney and not brain. Can you please PM and let me know what time you ordered, which meal you ordered and your best contact phone number for follow up.”

The picture went viral on FaceBook with over 22,000 comments and 1,000 shares.

“If it’s too big to be a chicken brain, surely it’s too big to be a chicken kidney! Brains are bigger than kidneys. It’s brain, not chicken brain for sure, but it’s definitely brain,” Facebook user Chris Bingham wrote.

However, many did not see a fuss in it.

“You’re eating a dead animal. It did have a brain. It had guts. All the yukky parts. If it bothers you so much then go vegan. Not a single dead body part in sight. If not, eat it, it was free,” Becka Walford wrote

Tracey Poynter wrote, “I’m confused. You people do realize a chicken is an actual animal, with real organs, yeah? How can you be OK with eating the meat of a dead, cooked chicken, but grossed out by finding some of its insides, well, inside?

Vegan too stepped in, telling Palmer to stop eating meat.

“This is filth but dead animal carcass is dead animal carcass, doesn’t matter what part you get. If eating brains bothers you, so should eating flesh. The solution is simple — don’t order meat and eliminate the risk completely,” Facebook user Madison Palmer wrote.

Fast food from a branch of KFC in Bristol, England, Feb. 20, 2018 Matt Cardy/Getty Images

In a similar incident in October, a customer found live maggots in his ordered KFC chicken wings in Indian city of Mumbai. He immediately posted the photo of it on FaceBook.

KFC put out a statement following the October incident saying, “KFC India is firmly committed to providing the highest level of food safety to our customers. We have been notified of this issue and are investigating the same. Even in theory, the presence of such foreign objects in our chicken is impossible, as each piece of chicken at KFC India is manually hand-breaded in our restaurants before being cooked at a minimum of 170 degrees Celsius. Additionally, from the suppliers’ farm to the customer, KFC chicken goes through 34 quality checks. Customers are welcome to walk into our restaurants across India, and ask for a kitchen tour, to see for themselves the stringent quality and hygiene standards that we follow.”