Strawberry Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich
Carl's Jr. has announced the addition of a Strawberry Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich to its menu. Carl's Jr.

Carl’s Jr., an American fast-food restaurant chain which predominantly operates in the Western and Southwestern states, has announced the addition of a Strawberry Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich to its menu.

The California-based food chain, which is the fifth largest fast food chain in the United States after Wendy’s, added the unique item after tests at several Southern California Carl’s Jr. locations set of a viral fan buzz on Twitter and Facebook.

Due to the popular demand, Carl’s Jr. announced on Tuesday that it would making the Pop-Tarts Ice Cream Sandwich available at all locations starting Wednesday.

“It’s very rare when a new menu item that is being tested in a small number of restaurants goes viral to the degree this one did, but that’s exactly what happened with the new Hand-Scooped Strawberry Pop-Tarts Ice Cream Sandwich,” Brad Haley, chief marketing officer of Carl’s Jr., said in a statement. “The idea of it just seemed to capture people’s imaginations and it’s one of those things that just brings a smile to everyone’s face when they hear about it, if not a downright swoon in some cases. So, really, we had no choice but to make it available for all Carl’s Jr. customers to enjoy.”

According to the image provided in the press release, one Pop-Tarts Ice Cream Sandwich will sell for $1.49 plus tax.

While Carl’s Jr. most recent menu item might seem a bit bizarre, the Pop-Tarts Ice Cream Sandwich is just the latest in a wave of fast-food menu items that are blowing customers minds.

Just last month, Dunkin’ Donuts debuted its “Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich” which combines a split glazed doughnut with a peppered fried egg and cherrywood smoked bacon.

Taco Bell in March also hinted at the release of a waffle taco breakfast offering. The taco, which would serve as the fast-food restaurants first breakfast item, was first seen in an Instagram photo that surfaced on the Internet. An unidentified Taco Bell employee described the item as a lightly fried waffle with a scrambled egg and a sausage patty, then folded over and served with maple syrup on the side.

The fast food taco chain, which is owned by Yum Brands Inc. (NYSE:YUM), is currently riding out the major success of its Doritos Locos Tacos, a normal taco made from Doritos chips. Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed told the Daily Beast, “It has been the biggest launch in Taco Bell history.”