The Minneapolis Police Department said Monday it is investigating witness accounts that an officer Tased a pregnant woman while trying to break up a dispute last week.

Witnesses said they saw an officer use a Taser on Latrice Trotter, a 19-year-old pregnant woman, according to Minneapolis Fox affiliate KMSP. The witnesses said they captured cell phone video of the aftermath of the occurrence but didn’t have the actual alleged Taser incident on video.

Minneapolis police released an incident report naming two officers, Adam Lewis and Michael Williams, but would not confirm or deny if they are the same officers seen in the witnesses’ cell phone videos.

"We are investigating and take every allegation of misconduct seriously. Any deployment of a Taser initiates a force of use evaluation, and we are unable to comment at this time,” the department said.

The incident unfolded when Trotter was arguing with another woman Thursday near the Nicollet Mall light rail station, the witnesses said.

"We see them about to fight, and then we see a police car pull up," witness Krystal Gonzalez told KMSP.

Another witness, Duta Sully, said the woman then slapped Trotter before a police officer tried to break up the fight. Sully said Trotter was Tased when she tried to get around the cop.

"Why didn't you pepper spray the pregnant lady or put her in a hold or something?" Sully said, adding that Trotter screamed, “I’m pregnant! I’m pregnant!” when Sully tried to approach her after the incident.

Trotter, who is living at a homeless shelter in downtown Minneapolis, was arrested on disorderly conduct charges and was booked on an outstanding warrant, but was released, KMSP reported.

The witnesses said they don’t trust police anymore after the incident and said they were worried about any potential injuries to Trotter’s baby due to the Taser.

"If something did happen to that baby, we have proof to show something did happen," Sully said.