• Aubameyang teases he will sign with Arsenal on social media
  • Aubameyang ends up with grinning widely after responding
  • Arsenal yet to offer Aubameyang new deal

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has yet to sign a new deal with Arsenal FC though his current one does not run out until next summer. With several teams interested in his services, the Gunners have been urged to secure him as early as now to avoid complications. Based on a recent Instagram Live video, it appears the 31-year-old has indicated what his next move will be.

In a previous post, it was revealed how Aubameyang had laid out the demands for his next contract with Arsenal. The Gabonese reportedly wants a three-year deal where he would be earning close to $312,000 a week. Though the wage demand seems pretty stiff, it is still not the most expensive one for the Gunners. Mesut Ozil still holds the loftiest one, earning $436,000 a week. However, if the German midfielder moves out, Aubameyang will likely end up being the highest (or one of the highest) paid players over at Stamford Bridge.

The Gunners could be pressured to these demands by Aubameyang with multiple teams interested in the Gabon captain. Juventus has inquired about his availability recently. Other teams who have expressed interest include Barcelona, Inter Milan and Manchester United. However, it appears Aubameyang has teased on where he will be playing next.

In an Instagram Live feed, Aubameyang was asked to blink on camera if he would be signing with the Gunners soon. He appeared to exaggerate a wink after that and ended up grinning. That response sent viewers into a frenzy, though there is the possibility that the Gabonese were just playing around. Hence, that wink could mean something or nothing.

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta said that Aubameyang was happy playing for the Gunners but also said he was not part of the contract negotiations. The 31-year-old recently made headlines after becoming the fastest player in Arsenal history to reach 50 Premier League goals. It was a strong statement sent to Arsenal and other teams who are interested in his services.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored a spectacular goal but it was not enough for Arsenal
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored a spectacular goal but it was not enough for Arsenal AFP / Adrian DENNIS

Right now, most see it best for Aubameyang to stay with the Gunners. Moving out would mean having to adjust to a new system. At 31, Aubameyang knows that time is not on his side. Possibly being the last biggest contract of his football career, the Gabonese wants to make the most out of it. A three-year deal makes sense, the same with the asking salary. Right now, that is something Arsenal management needs to evaluate and decide on.