• Carlos is happy with Sevilla
  • Carlos is only moving if it is for big team
  • Carlos singled out Suarez and Cavani as best players he ever faced

Diego Carlos is doing great over at Sevilla, a reason why there are multiple teams interested in getting him to their side. Liverpool and Real Madrid are two teams linked to the Brazilian center-back but both may have to prove something to get the 27-year-old footballer to their fold.

Carlos admits that he is unaware of any potential transfer moves right now. No offers have been discussed with him and it appears he is in no rush to leave his current team. So far, he has already appeared in 31 games for Sevilla FC. Los Palanganas currently sits at the third spot over at the La Liga table, reported. So far, he is enjoying his run and reveals that it may take so much to convince him to leave Sevilla.

"Coming to Seville is already taking a very big leap. If I ever leave Sevilla, it would be to go to a much bigger club, because Sevilla is already great," Carlos said to Mucho Deporte.

For now, he adds that he is not interested in transfer talk. His agent has not brought up anything of the like. Rather than delve on rumors, the Brazilian made it clear with his agent to only discuss business matters with him if they are credible. He prefers to keep his focus with Sevilla above anything else.

"My agent doesn't talk to me about those situations. I am not interested in knowing about other teams. I always tell him that if he is going to tell me something, it must be something firm, that he does not come to me with stories because I must focus on Sevilla. I don't want those things to cause a distraction," he said.

When it comes to playing against great players, Carlos has had his share in the past years. He spent three years in France before making a jump to the Spanish top-flight. Among the players he has fond memories of are Edinson Cavani of Paris Saint-Germain and Luis Suarez of Barcelona.

"Cavani. He is very strong, he hits from anywhere, he never stops, he gives the defense a lot of work, he always went back to help his team-mates, despite his age," Carlos said. "Suarez. He is very intelligent, very expert. He knows how to position himself when he receives the ball and the defenders must be careful."

Diego Carlos of Sevilla FC
Diego Carlos of Sevilla FC Getty Images | David S. Bustamante/Soccrates