• Lampard wants players to attend to their families
  • Lampard knows run can resume once COVID-19 is contained
  • Injured players may benefit from the forced break in football action

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has made it clear that he only wants the best from his players each time their number is called to perform on the football field. That approach has worked for The Blues this season but their run was cut short due to the coronavirus.

Like most sporting leagues right now, the football world has not been spared from the COVID-19 pandemic. Action has been halted and the earliest date set to resume is Apr. 30. However, even that set date may not materialize with the pandemic continuing to spread across the globe.

Aware that this is a sensitive time, Lampard has taken it down several notches as far as pushing his players. The 41-year-old manager is wary of asking too much from his players at this stage and prefers each look after their families in this time of crisis, reported.

"The last thing I want to do when the players are in this position is to try and push and push and push [them] for no reason," Lampard said.

Before play was suspended, Chelsea was fourth in the Premier League table. And though The Blues have been trying to figure out ways to improve and move up, Lampard wants his players to focus on their families first and then worry about their season when the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

"Motivation can be slightly put to the side. I think the motivation at the moment for everyone is how their families are, how their relatives are, how we all see the outside world, and sometimes the realization probably that there are things which are a lot more important than football," he said.

In a previous post, it was mentioned how Lampard is already trying to deal with a crisis of his own. Most of his players are dealing with injuries or penalties. Regardless, the English coach has found a way to survive through adversity. Also, the break could inadvertently help his team differently.

Like most players who are out injured and rehabbing, the delay could buy them more time to get better. League officials plan to finish this season before starting a new one, giving teams a much-needed respite with some notable names possibly back in action once football action is cleared to resume.

Reality check: Chelsea boss Frank Lampard Reality check: Chelsea boss Frank Lampard Photo: AFP / Glyn KIRK