• Marotta feels Martinez needs peace of mind to recall form
  • Inter Milan not interested to deal away Martinez
  • Barcelona needs to pay big to pluck Martinez away from Inter Milan

Inter Milan is aware that there are several teams linked to Lautaro Martinez, particularly Barcelona. The word is ripe that he could make a switch by the end of the season though I Nerrazzuri has made it clear that they are keeping the 22-year-old striker. With that thought in the air, it comes to no surprise that the Argentine footballer's mind may not be entirely focused on the current season.

Aware that Martinez is struggling, Inter Milan boss Giuseppe Marotta is hoping that Martinez can get some peace of mind and regain his bearings. He is aware that the player's mind is torn between the current season and the transfer market, Sky Sport Italia via Though he is unwilling to part with Martinez, anything can happen this summer.

"There are two factors to consider, the competitive one and the one relating to the transfer market, which runs concurrently," Marotta said.

Marotta is aware that this is the time when transfer talk comes around. He points out how the 22-year-old performed well during the first half of the season, a reason why teams are taking notice. It will now be up to Martinez to try and recompose himself and finish off the season strong.

As mentioned in a previous post, Martinez has three years left in his deal with Inter. They have not been approached by Barca for a possible deal and it appears getting the Argentine from Inter will not be easy. Los Blancos has not been spared from the financial turmoil, meaning they may not be able to afford the asking price of Inter. The asking price for Martinez is roughly $112 million.

Inter Milan's Lautaro Martinez and Romelu Lukaku have scored 30 goals in total between them this season.
Inter Milan's Lautaro Martinez and Romelu Lukaku have scored 30 goals in total between them this season. AFP / Tiziana FABI

Before the football restart, Martinez has accounted for 18 goals in 33 appearances. He has only scored once since then. Marotta may be hoping that the Argentine football player can recall that old form with I Nerazzurri already suffering four defeats as of this writing.

"As for the Europa League, we'll try to win it. We don't know how the other teams in the competition are faring right now, but we must believe. We play to win and this is a big objective for us," Marotta said.