• Juventus can only dream of getting Guardiola
  • Sarri doing a fine job per Agnelli
  • Ronaldo needs proper player support if Juventus wants to win titles

Juventus FC seems to be running smoothly under the watch of Maurizio Sarri. However, that does not mean that the team did not consider other icons of the sport to steer the Le Zebre. Like other teams, one person who club president admits crossed their mind is Pep Guardiola of Manchester City.

Andrea Agnelli admits that landing Guardiola one day would be a dream but something that would unlikely happen. For one, the 49-year-old seems pretty happy and content over at Manchester City. That is practically the same predicament of Sarri who joined them at the start of the season coming from Chelsea, reported.

"If someone is happy where he is, it is difficult to move," said Agnelli. "We are very happy with Sarri. Things are set up for three years, the strength of his ideas will come with their continuation in time, and this is the priority."

True enough, Juve has been performing well this season. Agnelli has little to complain about, especially after his team is first in the standings and passed the Champions League group stage first. He added that he will make an evaluation by season's end although it appears changes, if any, will be minor to none.

Aside from Guardiola, another name that was thrown to him during his interview with Radio24 is former coach Antonio Conte. When the team was looking for someone to replace Massimiliano Allegri, Conte could have been a tempting choice. The 50-year-old is now with Inter. The club president simply emphasized they wanted Sarri and broadly said that Conte will always be a symbol of Juventus.

"We wanted Maurizio Sarri and we took Sarri," said Agnelli. "Conte is a symbol of Juventus; he has won multiple Scudetti and the Champions League."

Though things seem to be doing fine, there are more pressing concerns that Juventus may need to address. The most essential is getting the right type of players to back Cristiano Ronaldo. reported that the team does not look capable of winning if the Portuguese forward is not on the field. They need a reliable supporting cast, aware that they cannot rely on Ronaldo forever.

Ronaldo wants to win a sixth European Cup but cannot do it alone. Some issues developed recently after the 35-year-old was omitted against Brescia last Feb. 16. Sarri explained the move, saying Ronaldo needs rest and cannot play 75 games a year. And from there, the issue of needing a reliable supporting cast entered the fray.

Pep Guardiola says he has to earn a new Manchester City contract Pep Guardiola says he has to earn a new Manchester City contract Photo: AFP / Denis LOVROVIC