• Real Madrid need to resolve Ramos contract soon
  • Ramos in no rush to get new pact
  • Real Madrid may consider two-year deal for Ramos

Real Madrid has yet to resolve the contract situation of team captain Sergio Ramos although the 33-year-old is in no rush to fix it. There is a chance he could leave Santiago Bernabeu and it could be because of the number of years he would be getting.

At his age, it makes a bit of sense that Real is taking it conservatively by offering only a one-year contract extension. However, the Spaniard wants a slightly longer deal of two years, reported. From the alleged dispute, things seem to be minor and could be resolved soon. Though Los Blancos can heave a sigh of relief the next few months knowing Ramos is committed to playing, it remains that other teams might sneak up behind them.

Despite his age, there is no denying that some team could pull a fast one and offer the center back. But based on his words, it seems he is sincere in staying in Santiago Bernabeu but may be making a request for a special condition on his part. Ramos is aware of the club policy when it comes to players reaching a certain age.

"The relationship with the club is magnificent in every way. So there is no rush on any side - mine or the club," Ramos said. "I've never made extra demands, I understand the club's policy with players of a certain age. If the club wants me to stay, I'll stay, no need to worry."

Also, Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane is confident in resolve the contract issue of Ramos soon. In a previous post, he concurs in a sense with Ramos that it is nothing serious. He also supports the 33-year-old's bid to play for Spain in the2020 Olympics in Tokyo, mentioning it would be beautiful to play for your country.

For now, Zidane, Ramos and the rest of Real are focusing on Manchester City in the first leg of a last -16 encounter in the Champions League. Like Zidane who said that it was a game between the two teams and not Pep Guardiola against Real Madrid, Ramos feels that focus should be more on booking a seat in the quarterfinals.

"Our big motivation is just we are playing in the Champions League, not the rival club or coach," Ramos said.

Sergio Ramos Sergio Ramos has spent a decade at Real Madrid since signing from Sevilla. Photo: Getty Images