• Pulisic reveals he has fully recovered
  • Pulisic currently at hometown but may fly out to rejoin Chelsea
  • Pulisic may need to readjust after layoff from football

Christian Pulisic is someone Chelse direly needs should Premier League action finally resume. And it appears that the 21-year-old is good to go, revealing that he had been ready even before the COVID-19 outbreak. He was already back in training and the added time off has only helped him recover better and get stronger.

Pulisic is currently back in his hometown of Hersey, PA with Premier League action still suspended. However, it appears he will be moving out soon with reports that Chelsea wants its players back by Sunday with the 2019-20 season possibly resuming soon.

“I’m feeling great. Right before this whole thing happened I was actually back in training and feeling really good and ready to go. It was really unfortunate timing. As soon as I felt like I was back, now this has happened. It is what it is. Now I just have a bit more time to get it completely right and be 100 percent ready once I’m back,” Pulisic was quoted of saying via the team's official website.

Pulisic suffered an adductor injury on Jan. 1 at Brighton and Hove Albion. He had just become a regular at the time but Frank Lampard did not want to take the risk of using him until he is 100 percent healthy. Pulisic used social media to show everyone that he is well and good but the Blues opted to keep him out first and not rush him back to action.

Looking ahead, Pulisic's revelation should be welcome news to his teammates and Chelsea fans. In a previous post, it was mentioned how a lot of hope was hanging on the shoulders of the USMNT star. Several personalities spoke on the importance of Pulisic, including his teammate Marcus Alonso.

Alonso admitted that he had initially cast doubts on Pulisic who could be having trouble adjusting to the physicality of the Premier League. The 21-year-old proved him and others wrong and has done great. Pulisic's speed and uncanny dribbling ability have made him one of the players to watch although some rust is likely to show once he returns. Regardless, all that should be addressed once the Blues start resuming practice.

Christian Pulisic
Christian Pulisic has emerged not just as a star of the future for the United States but a key player for the present. Getty Images