• Solskjaer wants his players to work on game improvements
  • Solskjaer clueless on when league will resume
  • Red Devils try to keep themselves busy during COVID-19 pandemic

Manchester United is one of many teams forced on a break with players confined to their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, most have been bored while others have been deviously trying to find ways to get out of their homes. As far as the Red Devils, they may not have the time for that.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wants a better showing from Man Utd. players once football action resumes. One part of their game that he wants improved is finishing or movement. With nothing much to do, the 47-year-old manager has instructed his players to work on this aspect of their game with the help of their partners via the Club's official website.

"The players have got individual programmes and they've got their own diets, of course, and this period could be used to work on something special, something specific for them and their roles and tasks," Solskjaer said.

Despite the lull, Solskjaer knows that the team cannot afford to sit back and relax. Before the season was placed on hold, the Red Devils were fifth in the Premier League table. Despite looming uncertainty on when football action will return, the manager wants the team to be ready for anything.

“I just keep in touch with them on WhatsApp groups and messages, and we plan for whenever we get back and what kind of sessions for when we do start. But it’s such an unknown and we don’t really have an idea and are not 100 percent about when we'll start," he said.

True enough, football action, as well as other sporting leagues, are clueless on what the coming months hold. The Premier League made it clear that they want to finish this season first before starting a new one. However, a deadline needs to be set to see the feasibility of finishing the season.

In a previous post, Harry Kane of Tottenham said that it would be best to set a deadline. June could be a feasible time to restart and going beyond that could be critical. Scheduling will be a big problem, just one of many issues that league officials will have to remedy in the event action does resume soon.

For now, most are advised to stay at home with their loved ones. On the part of the Red Devils, it will be interesting how they are trying to work on their finishes with the help of their partners.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer takes his Manchester United side to Club Brugge in their Europa League last 32  first leg this week
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer takes his Manchester United side to Club Brugge in their Europa League last 32 first leg this week AFP / Glyn KIRK