Obama Administration
President Obama delivered his historic State of the Union 2012 address Tuesday night. REUTERS

New Yorkers beware: President Barrack Obama will be back in town today, promising once again to snarl traffic.

The president will be attending three star-studded fundraising dinners. The first, Cocktails and Conversation with the President, starts at 4 p.m. and costs a mere $15,000 per person at restaurant Daniel on E. 65th street. The president will then head a few blocks over for a $35,800 dinner at director Spike Lee's house.

His final stop will be the Apollo Theater in Harlem, where the president will attend a show featuring singers Al Green and India Arie.

For those that remember the traffic nightmare the president's last visit caused in Midtown, the president has changed his route to uptown to avoid the major traffic jams that occurred throughout lower Manhattan when the West Side Highway had to be shut down.

Instead, the president's visit should stay above 59th street. However, there are periods of time when the FDR Drive will be temporarily closed.