Chipmakers battle over next wave of mobile devices

As tablets and e-readers vie to dominate the next generation of mobile Internet devices, another battle is raging in the chip market between Intel Corp, Qualcomm Inc, Nvidia Corp and Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

Tablet? Slate? New devices emerge as Apple looms

Call it a slate or call it a tablet, the technology world is suddenly awash with a novel category of mobile devices seeking to grab the spotlight from a hugely anticipated product launch by Apple Inc later this month.

AT&T eyes wireless in auto, tracking devices

AT&T Inc wants to add wireless links to car entertainment systems and consumer devices to keep track of everything from parcels to wandering children, according to a top company executive.

German bright spot for electronic devices spending

While consumers in Europe are struggling with the effects of the recession, Germany is a bright spot in electronic devices spending, industry executives said on Wednesday at the opening of Europe's largest consumer electronics trade show IFA.

Retrieving Air France black box will be epic task

The first sighting off Brazil's coast of possible wreckage from a missing Air France jet signals the start of what could be one of the most challenging operations ever mounted to retrieve the tell-tale black box.

Apple unveils App options in iPhone software peek

Apple Inc unveiled new software for the iPhone that will support some long-anticipated features, such as copy-and-paste of text and picture messaging, as the company pushes to stay competitive in the phone market.

Apple fills some gaps with new iPhone features

Apple Inc unveiled an iPhone software upgrade with new features ranging from copy-and-paste and message notifications to picture messaging, as the company pursued further growth in a hotly contested cellphone market.

Chipmakers seek growth in small devices

Global chipmakers, battling slower technology demand, are betting size matters as they pin their hopes for future growth on small and easy to carry mobile devices such as netbooks and smartphones.

Less wow, more instant gratification at CES

From tiny music players that dance as they play tunes to smarter toothbrushes and curvy computer screens, U.S. consumers can count on being wowed by another year of cool digital gadgets in the coming year.

Group Completes New Portable USB Specs

The group behind the universal serial bus (USB) peripherals connection technology commonly found on personal computers announced the completion of a new, smaller specification for use on portable devices.

Nokia/Orange Collaboration Announced

Nokia today announced that it would be entering a software platform collaboration with Orange in order “to facilitate device customisation and strengthen the role of S60 devices.”

Nokia Aim to Sell 80m Music Devices

Nokia today announced the release of “a selection of enhancements to heighten your mobile and music experience,” a statement said today.