The group behind the universal serial bus (USB) peripherals connection technology commonly found on personal computers announced the completion of a new, smaller specification for use on portable devices.

The USB Implementers Forum is introducing the Micro-USB specification, a new connector technology that will replace many of the Mini-series plugs currently used in cell-phones, PDA's and other portable products.

As portable devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and digital cameras get smaller and more compact, manufacturers recognized the need for a new USB connector specification to suit the design of these new products, said Jeff Ravencraft, chairman and president of the USB-IF. USB-IF developed the Micro-USB specification to adapt to sleek new design needs.

This USB-IF connector specification was developed to support the growing miniaturization trend for portable devices.

The Micro-USB specification supports the USB On-The-Go (OTG) supplement, which allows devices to communicate directly with each other when a PC is not available.