• Sony has not yet announced when it plans to official unveil the PS5 hardware
  • A new claim, however reveals that the full PS5 console might be revealed before June 3, 2020
  • A recent report revealed that Sony is planning to reveal several PS5 games in June

According to an industry insider, Sony might have the full PS5 gaming console before the rumored event on June 3, 2020. The leak claims that Sony Interactive Entertainment aims to make the presentation earlier this year. Another reputable industry insider believes that despite being a digital event, Sony executives would like the PS5 event to be as professional as possible.

PS5 Full Console Reveal

The latest information about the possible PS5 full console reveal came from industry insider Jeff Grubb. At the most recent podcast of Kinda Funny Games Daily, Grubb shared that Sony’s next generation gaming console’s final design might be revealed before the rumored PS5 event on Jun 3. It would be similar to what happened in 2019 with a Wired article, he added.

The timing is not yet clear but Grubb is confident that Sony Interactive Entertainment would not make the PS5 hardware reveal after June 3. Earlier, Jason Schreier and Takashi Mochizuki shared through a report that Sony is preparing to hold an event on Jun 3 but claimed that it would only showcase PS5 games. The PS5 console reveal might not happen in the first PS5 digital event, they noted.

Pictured: A person walks past the PlayStation logo in the Sony Interactive Entertainment booth during the Tokyo Game Show on Sept. 20, 2018, in Chiba, Japan. Getty Images/Tomohiro Ohsumi

Reasons For Delayed PS5 Reveal

Alanah Pearce on Kinda Funny Games Daily shared several interesting details on the reason behind Sony’s delayed PS5 and PS5 games reveal. It appears that Sony Interactive Entertainment would like the presentation to happen in the early part of 2020. However, she revealed that Sony executives would like the next generation gaming console to be revealed in the “most professional presentation possible.”

It is worth noting that this month, Microsoft has an Xbox Series X event that earned a lot of criticisms from fans because of its “underwhelming presentation.” Sony has achieved unparalleled success with its PlayStation 4 and would not want a rushed presentation to damage gamers’ perception. While Schreier and Mochizuki’s report claimed that a digital event might happen on June 3, 2020, they also clarified that it is not yet set in stone and could still change.

Sony has not yet made any comment on the rumored PS5 event. In this case, it is safer to take this information with a good measure of salt.