Rapper Soulja Boy performs one of his popular dance moves from his 2007 hit "Crank That" at the Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash 20 at Philips Arena on June 20, 2015. His "Superman" dance is part of the "Watch Me" craze. GETTY IMAGES

There is a brand new dance craze sweeping the social media universe that you need to learn or otherwise officially register in the national “I feel old” database before the next Instagram update. The choreographed routine, like all viral dances, from the Foxtrot to Gangnam Style, has been embraced by hip, young people across the nation. It’s called the Watch Me, which salutes moves such as the Bop, Stanky Leg and Nae Nae, all dances far more ridiculous than they sound. The choreography is accompanied by the stylings of Silento, a rapper who is not of legal age to vote and released the hit single in early 2015.

Silento is often photographed wearing hats that say SILENTO, in case he forgets his name at any given moment. Since he is sympathetic to the amnesic, the Atlanta rapper calls out all nine dance moves in his song for those who may have the panache for complicated choreography, but not the mental hard drive.

Given that "Watch Me" is a medley of very technical moves, the dance is not for your aficionado of amateur moves such as “the sprinkler.” But those who are more experienced can learn how to dance to the No. 5 song in America by watching his educational music video and following these simple steps:

1. Warm up - First and foremost, the dance requires proper hydration otherwise you may lose stamina. The "Watch Me" is a marathon, not a sprint, and you must prepare accordingly. Stretch to loosen joints and prevent injury.

2. The Whip - Bend your knees with your legs shoulder length apart and feet outward. In very subtle front stroke motions, bring your right arm in front of you with your fist clenched. Begin with the right arm each time Silento starts a new verse of The Whip. Rotate arms only when Silento says “whip” multiple times in a row.

3. The Nae Nae - Keep you knees bent with your legs shoulder length apart and feet angled outward. Bring your The Whip arm above your head, bent slightly, while you rock your body from side to side, swaying gracefully. Your left arm should be to your side diagonal from your right.

4. The Watch Me - The Watch Me, which is Silento’s only original move, is the same as The Whip, but you cock your head to look to your side with every "watch me" spit during the rap. Innovative, right?

5. The Stanky Leg - Both your legs should still be in the same position as steps 2-6, but now lift your right heel up slightly and lean your body in the opposite direction. Move your right leg in a circular direction. This is the stanky leg. Switch legs each time Silento says to do the move.

6. The Break Your Legs - Put your feet together and bend your knees together. Bend your knees left, then right and so on. With your arms down, let them sway from side-to-side as you wish.

7. The Bop - Bend your knees with your legs shoulder length apart and feet outward. Shake your knees in and out. With both arms down, let one sway in front of you each the song says “bop.”

8. The Crank That - When the song says “watch me yua,” crank your wrists with both your arms out together to the right of you. While you do this, your right leg steps out in the same direction. Repeat these moves, but reversed to the left when he says the line again.

9. The Superman - Step your right leg out with your body angled with it. Begin the breast-stroke move with your arms, but pull them behind you. Step out to the left and do this move again.

10. The Duff - Stand straight with your legs together and hands at your side. Bend your left arm swing so that it is parallel in front of you. Raise your left knee at the same time so that it is parallel to your waist. Return to standing position. Now repeat the move using your right arm and leg.

11. The Bop Left, Bop Right - See The Bop, but move to the declared side while still in the position facing forward.

Now, go forth and Vine videos make.


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