Qatar Airways
The exterior of the Airbus A350 XWB is pictured during the first delivery of this new passenger jet to Qatar Airways in Toulouse, southwestern France, on Dec. 22, 2014. Reuters/Regis Duvignau

A Qatar Airways flight from New York to Doha made an unscheduled landing on Thursday morning at UK’s Manchester airport because of a medical issue on board, according to Reuters. However, a report from the Daily Mail said that the flight diverted its course because of a “disruptive” drunk passenger who had to be restrained by crew.

The flight had covered over half of its 13-hour journey when it was decided to make the unscheduled landing, Daily Mail reported, adding that the man was reportedly arrested after the plane landed in Manchester. An airport spokesperson also said that the pilots of the flight QR702 had not announced an emergency and only said that they needed to land the aircraft.

“There is a disruptive passenger on board this flight and because of this the plane is making a stop at Manchester,” an airport spokesperson said, according to Daily Mail, adding: “As well as handling agents Greater Manchester Police will also be there to meet the plane before it sets off again.”

Officials at Manchester airport could not confirm if an unwell passenger was on the plane, Daily Mail reported. Airport officials had also reportedly been notified of a passenger on the flight who required medical attention, half an hour before the plane landed, according to Daily Mail, but a report by Reuters did not mention the drunk passenger.

“We appear to have a minor medical issue on board so we're diverting the flight to Manchester as a precaution before it carries on to its destination in Doha,” an airport spokeswoman said, according to Reuters.