“Quantico” Season 1 ended with a lot of answers. Viewers discovered that Liam was the terrorist, and Alex and Ryan killed him. Simon sacrificed himself to stop the nuclear bomb from killing anyone else, and it seemed like everything was wrapped up. The twist came in the last minutes when Alex confronted Claire and accused her of working with Liam. However, without a badge, Alex can’t do much about it. Good thing the CIA has a job offer for her. “Quantico” will be exploring a different branch of the government in Season 2 of the ABC series.

Of course, Alex (Priyanka Chopra) didn’t actually answer Keyes (Henry Czerny) when he offered her a job. However, executive producer Joshua Safran said that the episode title, “Yes,” was a big hint. “The key to that is in the title of the episode, which is usually the last word spoken in every episode,” he explained to Entertainment Weekly. “This time, curiously, it’s not, and yet it is. So.”

“Quantico” won’t stop dealing with the branch it was named for, though. Keyes’ offer was to help take down the FBI, so audiences will still see plenty of the Bureau and Alex’s friends there. “What I can say is that we’re very interested in looking at how the CIA does things compared to the FBI,” Safran explained. “The FBI teaches honest and trust and finding the truth and protection, and the CIA teaches deception and lying and twisting information to get what you want, what you need. We’re definitely interested in juxtaposing those two things and seeing how both sides work separately, and how they work when they’re forced to work together.”

With Alex on the CIA side of things, expect her to be running around a little less. There will still be a central mystery in “Quantico” Season 2, but it’s not a bomb going off. The showrunner said that they won’t be going directly after Claire (Marcia Cross) either. “It’s weirdly actually bigger in scope but smaller in energy. … The CIA is about intelligence,” Safran teased to TV Guide. “It’s about how are you cultivating and using intelligence, which is a slower boil. It still has all of the great twists. It’s not a bomb going off every week.”

With no bombs or running from the law, it seems like Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) and Alex might actually stand a chance at staying together this time around. At the very least, the on-again, off-again couple might wait a little longer between break ups and make ups since the show will be calmer.

“Season 2 is structured a little bit slower,” Safran told TV Line. “I’m not going to say what it is, but the nature of the event is slower and unfolding as opposed to explosive. We’re just going to take our energy from that. So all relationships will percolate and be slower. If ‘The Fugitive’ was our Season 1 blockbuster, Season 2 is a different movie entirely.”

If keeping track of Ryan and Alex’s relationship status was difficult for some viewers, they also may have had trouble with some of the complicated plot lines. Safran promised to simplify some of the story, but the two timeline structure will still be used. “It was two full stories on two tracks at all times,” Safran said of the first season. “This one is one full story, and then one slow thing. It’s a cleaner build, that’s the best I can say. It will be less confusing.”

“Quantico” Season 2 returns to ABC in the fall.