Secrets are a part of the DNA of “Quantico.” The ABC drama wraps up its first season on Sunday night, and fans are anxiously waiting for all of the answers to finally be revealed. Lenny Platt, who plays Drew on the drama, said that plenty will be unveiled in the Season 1 finale, but even the actors weren’t always kept informed of the show’s secrets.

“The scripts will come out pretty close to when we start filming that episode. Sometimes even a day or two before,” Platt told International Business Times. “And even parts of the script will be redacted just because there is always a possibility of a leak, and they really wanted it to keep it close to the chest.”

The reveal that Liam (Josh Hopkins) is the terrorist was also redacted from the episode 21 script. However, showrunner Joshua Safran had told Hopkins prior to the episode that Liam was the terrorist. Meanwhile, Safran sent an e-mail to the cast to let them know who the terrorist was.

Writers told the cast what was happening on a need-to-know basis. While audiences were led to believe in episode 20 that Drew was the terrorist, Platt knew that his character was being manipulated by Liam. Platt was pleased about Liam being the terrorist, but he felt bad for his on screen persona.

“Oh man, I was so p----d. I mean, it makes total sense. I loved it,” Platt said. “I loved it, but then also, I feel for Drew. If Drew would’ve not saved Liam’s life, this never would’ve happened.”

Drew saved Liam’s life during a shooting on the Quantico campus. He saved the terrorist, and he has also lost a lot of things that are important to him. His fiancée died and he lost both his career in the NFL and FBI. “Drew deserves retribution,” Platt added. “The poor guy. He deserves vindication. Playing that character since November, you just kind of — he’s got some bad luck.”

His unlucky streak continued when he was seemingly killed. Drew was in an apartment that exploded during episode 20. He could’ve made a last minute escape, but Platt wasn’t able to say much about that. “I think Safran has been on the record with a few other outlets and discussed Drew’s fate. Beyond that, I think the audience will have to keep tuning in to get more answers.”

Safran indeed told TV Guide that he specifically left Drew’s fate unclear because he hasn’t decided if the ex-football player will return.

That means Platt also couldn’t say if he’ll be in Sunday’s “Quantico” finale, but he did reveal that it will be a satisfying hour for fans. “I’ll say that the finale is beautiful because it wraps this up,” Platt explained. “This is not a show where the finale you’re gonna find out that Liam wasn’t terrorist, it’s somebody else and we’re going to leave you with a cliffhanger for Season 2. The answers are given. Liam is the man behind the madness. He’s the guy, and the next episode will really come to a really dramatic climax of that storyline. And I think what is cool about the finale is it sets up for Season 2 in a really interesting way.”

Watch the “Quantico” season finale trailer below:

Even if the Philadelphia native doesn’t return as Drew, he has other projects that keep him busy, like BBQ Films. “We are an immersive cinema company,” Platt said. “What that means is we take cult films, nostalgic films, and we screen them at a venue that feels like a set from the movie.” Attendees have watched “Back to the Future” at the Under the Sea dance and “The Fifth Element” in Fhloston Paradise.

Platt serves as an executive producer for the Brooklyn-based company. “We’re all about loving cinema and in an age where it’s becoming less and less common to leave your house and go see a movie…We’re trying to help give people a reason to go back to the theater and watch a movie with a community of strangers because they just love film.”

The actor is currently getting his proton pack ready for when BBQ Films hosts a screening of the original “Ghostbusters” at a recreation of the firehouse headquarters on June 8-10. Get more information HERE.

The “Quantico” Season 1 finale airs Sunday, May 15 at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.