• John Harbaugh revealed there was 'no doubt' they would go for it on fourth-and-one
  • Lamar Jackson said that he wanted to go for the win rather than give the Chiefs a chance to score
  • Odafe Oweh's fumble recovery was the catalyst for their game-winning play

The Baltimore Ravens survived a shootout with the Kansas City Chiefs this past weekend when they opted to run the ball at fourth-and-1 with a one-point lead and a minute remaining in the game.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh spoke with the media after the game and was asked whether there was any doubt to go for it all at that time.

“No, there wasn't. But I think I wanted to be sure [of it] myself, you know? I knew he (Lamar Jackson) was going to say yes, but we were going for it at that point," he said. 

Harbaugh was referring to MVP-winning quarterback Lamar Jackson who has taken the league by storm with his dual-threat capabilities on the air and on the ground.

Jackson was also asked about how the decision to run the ball was made.

“[Coach Harbaugh asked me] 'Do you want to go for it?' I'm like, 'Hell, yeah!' I said it again, like [in] Seattle two years ago,” said an ecstatic Jackson.

“He told me the play, and I was like, 'We should spread them out.' And 'Coach Urb,' [quarterbacks coach] James Urban, my QB coach was like, 'You've got to go' I was like, 'Man, I've got to get this first down, no matter what. I've got to jump, dive through a defender,' and our O-line did a great job pushing those guys back. We got the first down for the victory." 

The Ravens recognized that one minute on the clock is simply too much time for quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs to make a march down to the field and allow a field goal.

Prior to the fourth-and-one play, the Chiefs were poised to score the game-winner, but a fumble recovery by rookie linebacker Odafe Oweh at the 32-yard line stopped the drive.

Jackson had a terrible start to the game, throwing a couple of interceptions before settling in and finding his groove.

Harbaugh praised Jackson for his continued development as the franchise quarterback and regrets he was not able to make things happen for him last week against the Las Vegas Raiders.

“I have complete confidence in Lamar Jackson to make every play. I wish I had put him in a better position last week (against the Raiders) to make a play. I'll just never, ever not have faith in him to make a play in any situation,” said the Super Bowl-winning coach.

The Ravens look to improve to 2-1 when they visit the Detroit Lions this Sunday, September 26.

Odafe Oweh Odafe Oweh #99 of the Baltimore Ravens celebrates with teammates after forcing and recovering a fumble against the Kansas City Chiefs during the fourth quarter at M&T Bank Stadium on September 19, 2021 in Baltimore, Maryland. Photo: Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images