• Dayot Upamecano has signed an extension with RB Leipzig
  • Real Madrid, Arsenal and Manchester United remain interested for Upamecano
  • Upamecano’s current market value is estimated at around 45 million Euros

The defensive capabilities of RB Leipzig’s Dayot Upamecano have garnered the interest of several teams. As a highly recruited talent, Upamecano shared that clubs have constantly reached out to him for a possible deal.

The most recent development for Upamecano was signing an extension with RB Leipzig. This hasn’t stopped teams such as Real Madrid, Arsenal and Manchester United to make their presence felt for the star defender.

"I have extended my contract with Leipzig," Upamecano said by way of

Throughout Upamecano’s young career, he has already proven that he has elite skills on the field that can benefit any roster.

"I am targeted by several clubs, I speak with clubs, but I have time. We will see what happens in the future," Upamecano added.

There’s no question that defense is one of the main elements of success for these top-caliber squads and that's something that Upamecano can bring. The 21-year-old’s strengths lie mostly in his excellent athleticism and timing as a defender, mostly as a center back. In his stint with RB Leipzig, he’s put up 113 appearances and has even managed to score on three separate occasions and tally two assists.

"The secret of my success? Keep my feet on the ground, no pressure, and my determination," the Upamecano shared.

The manner of how Upamecano moves on the field has been tremendous and has the potential to grow even more under clubs such as Real Madrid, Arsenal, or Manchester United. From his passing, tackling and overall focus on the field, the rising star has proven himself as a valuable asset for any squad to have.

"I've had this determination since I was a kid and I want to keep working hard to reach the highest level possible," Upamecano concluded.

The current market value of Upamecano is estimated to be at around 45 million Euros. Being ranked as one of the best players of RB Leipzig, teams with veteran players can help hone and develop Upamecano’s game and take it to the next level.

It will be vital to see how Upamecano manages the expectations of the teams courting him. With so much talent, it will be interesting to see how he can attain the best of his abilities on the field.