• Sergio Ramos is one of Real Madrid's most trusted players
  • Real Madrid has benefited from Ramos' services since 2005
  • Ramos is speculated to return to the club once his contract expires in 2021

One player expected to receive a well-deserved contract summer extension is Sergio Ramos. Given that expectations are high for Zinedine Zidane and Real Madrid, Ramos is anticipated to live up to every amount of a new deal.

The defender has proven to be one of the more consistent players in Real Madrid in the past few years ever since he entered the club in 2005. Fans have praised the Spanish star as one of the reliable players who can step up for Los Blancos at any given time.

The 34-year-old captain has been a prominent figure in the sport since he started his career with Sevilla. Throughout his stint as a professional, he has amassed multiple accolades and is considered one of the best players in the sport.

It's a known fact that Ramos is synonymous with being one of the more valuable players of Real Madrid. With this, the veteran's contract is about to expire in 2021. It’s important to consider that Ramos has had an incredible stretch with his time with Los Blancos. In 640 appearances he was able to score 91 goals as a premier defender. To add to these he even tallied 38 assists throughout these games.

Throughout everything that Ramos has done, people see him as one of the best center and right-backs in the game today. With his mobility on the pitch, accompanied by his discipline as a defender, Ramos has made a name for himself a centerpiece of Real Madrid.

Despite Ramos’ age, he still has shown much effort to produce in an elite quality. Per The Real Champs, it’s expected that club president Florentino Perez will offer another contract extension for their captain. It’s said to be a two to three-year extension depending on the club and Ramos’ negotiations.

While Real Madrid is already grooming Eder Militao as Ramos’ successor, there is still a lot of effort left in the tank for their captain.

While the world recovers from the global pandemic, players such as Ramos are ready to bounce back as soon as the games resume. It will be interesting to see how Real Madrid deals with Ramos’ contract and how he moves on to the later stages of his career.

Sergio Ramos celebrates as Real Madrid beat Barcelona 2-0 on Sunday to go back to the top of La Liga
Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi have been integral parts of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona over the years AFP / GABRIEL BOUYS