• Prince Harry was the last royal to reach Balmoral Castle, and the first to leave Scotland
  • Royal expert Camilla Tominey revealed why he wasn't on the same plane as Prince William
  • The brothers reportedly dined separately that night, following the queen's death

The various movements of the Sussexes have held the eyeballs of both the supporters and detractors of the British Royal Family in the wake of Queen Elizabeth's death.

Prince Harry's visit to the Balmoral Castle after the queen's death caught the attention of many, with the news headlines even highlighting he was the last royal to arrive and first to leave Scotland.

Now, a revelation from a royal watcher suggested there was a reason behind the Duke of Sussex' late arrival at Balmoral, despite him being in Britain in the days leading up to the queen's death, and not the U.S. where he lives with Meghan Markle and his two kids.

Harry and Meghan were in Britain to attend a set of charity events, and around lunchtime their spokesperson released a statement they were headed to Balmoral.

The statement came on the heels of the one sent out from heir apparent Prince William, who was headed to Scotland to be by the queen's side after doctors said they were concerned about her health, adding she was under "medical supervision."

In the next few hours, Prince William boarded an RAF plane to Scotland with Prince Edward and his wife Sophie. By the time they took the plane, "Harry hadn't even been called" because "the heir to the throne (William) had initially been summoned by his father in his constitutional capacity as Counselor of State," royal expert Camilla Tominey reported for The Telegraph.

However, Prince Harry, like Andrew, is Counselor of State too. So, why was it that the family took off to Scotland to be by the critically ill queen's side, but left Harry out of this one?

"It seems that while the family knew the Queen was gravely ill when they took off from RAF Northolt on Thursday lunchtime, they didn't expect her to deteriorate so rapidly – with Charles even thinking that he and William might have been able to host the virtual Privy Council meeting she had postponed the previous day," Tominey wrote, according to 7News.

Prince William's plane landed at Aberdeen Airport at 3.52 pm, and they reached Balmoral at 5.11 pm. Prince Harry's chartered Cessna left England's Luton Airport after 5.35 pm, approximately 40 minutes before the Queen's death was announced. A somber looking Harry was photographed arriving at Balmoral around 7.52 pm

It was reported the brothers dined separately that night at the palace. Supporters of the family rejoiced after they came together with their respective wives for a walkabout at Windsor Castle on Saturday. Their appearance was delayed by 45 minutes due to "extensive negotiations behind the scenes beforehand," reports suggested.

Royal biographer Angela Levin, who is known for harshly criticizing Meghan, said the Sussexes were planning on going on a separate walkabout.

"So it seems that William invited Harry and Meghan to a walkabout because they were planning to go on their own and had informed a USA TV station to come along. William found it and stopped it to keep it under control. No surprise there. Thank goodness," she said.

Her claims were rubbished by Omid Scobie, royal correspondent and biographer for the Sussexes. "Imagine calling yourself a journalist and using internet conspiracy theories as a source," he tweeted in response.